Dance U2

50% Off Group Classes & First Two private lessons if you sign up now online for Salsa, Wedding Dance lessons, Swing, Country Western Two step, Quinceanera, Argentine Tango, Ballroom, Bachata, Kizomba, Event Lesson.

We offer Wedding Dance Lessons , Salsa dance Lessons , Swing dance Lessons , East coast Swing , West coast Swing , Country Western Two step dance Lessons , Country Waltz , One Step, Jitterbug , Country Swing ,  Argentine Tango dance Lessons , Ballroom, Waltz , Foxtrot , Latin, Quinceanera dance Lessons, Cha-Cha , Bachata dance Lessons , Merengue , Rumba and Kizomba dance lessons .   

We offer dance classes in all different levels; beginners , intermediate , advance , showcase, competitions , social dancing , and all events; Holidays event dance lessons , Corporate party event dance lesson , Office lunch time group dance classes , Birthday party dance lesson , Graduation party dance lesson , Party event dance Lessons , and private lessons , group classes, couples, or an individual with affordable rates , special offers , discounted packages at the premier dance company , DANCE U2 , in Austin, Texas since 1992 .

We offer classes in  different locations with huge wood floors in both central Austin and North Austin locations. We also have on going weekly salsa lessons through the years in Austin down town salsa clubs, and The Oasis by Lake Travis. Transform your life into a new exciting, playful, healthy exercise in a fun social environment by learning the hottest social dances today .  Our dance classes designed to help you discover your hidden, unexplored talents such as the rhythm that you were born with and you would get the skill necessary in our classes to help you explore such hidden natural potential and those talents that you already naturally posses as we show you how to promote your dance, step by step to your desired level as easy as you can walk.


Now, believing how powerful potentially you are, would you be unreasonable and spontaneous to start learning how to dance your body and soul and ultimately your life fully self-expressive and feeling free like a bird in the endless air in a place filled with so many people dancing like nobody is watching you? 

DANCE U2 dance company owner, Tony Mogadam