Attendance Policy

  •     You must attend the minimum of one class a week to consider that week attendance complete. ( As one international Dance research showed that it takes about 3000 repetitions for each new dance move to become your second nature or about 6 months practicing your new moves every week in a correct way at the class to become your second nature with a right structure. Any gaps between will cause you lose some of your gained muscles memory which would slow down your learning process.)
  •     At any week that you know you have to miss all classes in that week which means you can’t even attend one class during that week which is the minimum of attendance for the week, let us know by E-mail or a phone call so you can get credit for the week you missed. There is no credit for the week that you already attended at least one class in that week.
  •     Each week based on our classes schedule starts from the Sunday of that week and ends at the end of Saturday of that week . Each 4 weeks will be considered one month on your attendance record.
  •     If you call us before or during the week or the month that you couldn’t attend any of your classes during that Week, or that Month, then you would receive credit for the time you missed and called or e-mailed us about it already.
  •     NO SHOW, NO CALL, during any week or any month you missed your classes, you’d get NO CREDIT for that week or that month or any length of time that you missed classes and didn’t let usd know by an e- mail or a call. However; there is no refund for not attending any of the registered classes.